Lietava Castle

The Castle of Lietava is located on a steep ridge between the villages of Lietava and Lietavská Svinná, 635 metres above sea level. It was erected in 1241, probably as an administrative and military centre. In the 2nd half of the 16th century, the castle fell into the hands of the Thurzó family, who owned it until their line came to an end in 1698-1770. Since then, the castle has gradually fallen into decline. At the beginning of the 18th century, a fire broke out in the castle which resulted in its total fall and loss of defensive functions. Nowadays, only ruins are left of the old castle, bringing back the memories of its past splendour and attracting a lot of tourists. Its walls still proudly overlook the neighbourhood. The remains of the old buildings can also be seen in the rooms of the former chapel. The castle hill is a great spot for admiring the views and there are many caves to explore nearby.