The Manor-house in Radola

The manor house in the municipality of Radoľa is one of the oldest historical objects in the region of Kysuce. It dates back to the 3rd quarter of the 16th century and is an example of a Renaissance farm estate. The house was a centre of a land estate, comprised of stables, barns, a garden, a pond, a hop plantation, a brewery, a sawmill, and a mill, as of 1658. It was a Budatín possession, belonging first to the Sunnegh family, and then to the Csáky family, who lived in the Budatín Castle.

After its restoration in 1983, an exhibition was displayed in the manor. Initially, it was called “The early history of Kysuce”, and the present name is “The earliest history of Kysuce from the Upper Paleolithic until the Middle Ages”. Visitors can learn what the life of people from the oldest settlements in Kysuce looked like and see stone tools used to hunt for animals and other everyday tools, burial urns as well as ceramics from the final period of the existence of the settlement and the stronghold in Lopušné Pažite and from the Middle Ages.

Visitors are always surprised at the sight of a young mammoth replica. Another permanent exhibition is entitled “The town tenement house in Kysuce” presenting the furnishing of townspeople’s houses from Kysucké Nové Mesto and Čadca. In 2012, new permanent exhibitions were opened: “The world of alchemists” and “The tradition of Saints Cyril and Methodius”. Temporary exhibits are always thematically diverse and completed with lectures, videos, and presentations.