Julian Fałat’s Museum

Julian Fałat’s Museum (Fałatówka) is a part of the Historical Museum in Bielsko-Biała. It is located in a villa with a garden where Julian Fałat used to live and paint for nearly twenty years. The artist bought that house in 1909; two years later, he built a larch workshop there, which burnt down in 1935.

The idea to establish a biographic and artistic museum of the prominent watercolourist there emerged first in May 1945, but due to various circumstances that would not happen until August 1973.

The first permanent exhibition included the artist’s works made using watercolours and oil paints, archives and furniture, painting tools and other memorabilia left after Julian Fałat. In the last decades, the exhibition was constantly expanded to include Julian Fałat’s subsequent works, other artists’ compositions coming from the painter’s own collection and the growing archive involving various types of memorabilia, documents, photographs, correspondence to and from the artists, diplomas, personal belongings and equipment forming part of the interior design of the house when it was still lived in by Fałat.