Čaplovič Library – Dolný Kubín

The Čaplovič Library, considered as one of the most valuable historical scientific libraries in Slovakia, is an independent unit of the Orava Museum of P. O. Hviezdoslav (Slovak: Oravské múzeum P. O. Hviezdoslava) in Dolný Kubín. It was founded by Vavrinec Čaplovič from Jasenová (1778-1853). In 1839, he donated his entire collection to a state institution in Orava. The building of the library was completed in 1911 and it is the only building in Slovakia whose purpose is exclusively to store library collections, which resulted in naming it as a national cultural heritage monument. The repositories of the Čaplovič Library are home to over 84 thousand library items. These include valuable works of Slovak, European, and world literature as well as a collection of incunables, the oldest one dating back to 1467. The catalogue of antique editions from the 16th century records 1408 items, however, the library collection includes many similar works from other centuries. The collection of manuscripts amounts to 280 works created from the 15th century to mid-19th century. The art collection comprises 1200 graphic works and original drawings. Works in the form of maps, atlases, or geography literature constitute 2500 library objects.

The Čaplovič Library provides access to its collections to scientists for the purposes of research; besides, it sells publications about the library and postcards. The results of the research conducted in the library are available through the antique catalogues and through publications disseminated by the cultural and educational institution called Matica slovenská.