Habsburg Hunting Palace

The Habsburg Hunting Palace was built on the initiative of Archduke Charles of Austria, Duke of Cieszyn in 1838-1840. It was built in the classicist style on the ruins of the former Lower Castle. To realise the project, the Archduke employed an outstanding classicist architect from Vienna, Joseph Kornhäusel. Guest and representative rooms as well as offices of the Teschener Kammer were situated in the palace. Apart from the palace, Joseph Kornhäusel designed also the adjoining orangery and the English-style park above it. The most eminent personages of the Austro-Hungarian Empire visited the palace. Even the Emperor Franz Joseph himself stayed there a couple of times. Franz Liszt, the distinguished Hungarian composer, gave a concert in the orangery. Nowadays, the building is house to Cieszyn State Music School and Zamek Cieszyn.